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   Shaligram Sets of Dusavatar of Lord Vishnu

Weight: 24g
Length:  4cm   Width:1.5cm

This is the first avatar of Lord Maha VISHNU that is of the form of fish. This incarnations(avatar) has appeared in the Krita Yuga(the first yuga of four yugas.) this incarnation has been taken by loard Vishnu to.....
Matsya Avatar of Shaligram
Weight: 56g
Length:  4cm   Width:3cm

Kurma is the second incarnations (avatar) of lord Vishnu that is also appear in Krita Yuga. In this incarnation loard VISHNU take the form of Tortoise during the churning of ocean ......
Kurma Avatar of Shaligram
Weight: 36g
Length:  4cm   Width:3cm

Varaha is the third avatar of lord Vishnu and this incarnation was in the form of Boar’s that has appeared in the Kritya Yuga. Lord Vishnu take the......
Varaha Avatar of Shaligram
Weight: 67g
Length:  4.5cm   Width:3cm

Narasimha avatar (combination of lion head and man body) is fourth incarnation of of lord Vishnu in krita yuga.In this avatar lord Vishnu take incarnation in the form of half man and half animal(lion)[Narasimha] to.......
Narshima Avatar of Shaligram
Weight: 59g
Length:  3.5cm   Width:3cm

This is the fifth incarnation of lord Vishnu that appeared in Treta Yuga. Vaman means a Dwarf.......
Vaman Avatar of Shaligram
Parshuram Avatar of Shaligram Weight: 50g
Length:  4.5cm   Width:3.5cm

Parasurama avatar is the sixth avatar of lord Vishnu that appear in Treta Yuga. Parsu means axe, Parsuramana avatar gives moral to whole world that we must always respect one’s father words........

Ram Avatar of Shaligram Weight: 56g
Length:  4 cm   Width:3.5cm

Rama Avatar is the seventh incarnation of lord Vishnu that is of the form of human being.Lord Vishnu take incarnation of human being called Ram in terta Yuga to........

Krishna Avatar of Shaligram Weight: 55g
Length:  5cm   Width:3cm

Krishna is the eighth avatar of Vishnu that appear in Dwapar Yuga. He is the big-endianness of all avatars. There is........

Buddha Avatar of Shaligram Weight: 75g
Length:  4.5cm   Width:4cm

Budha is considered as ninth incretion of lord Vishnu that appear in Kali Yuga. The time of his birth and death are uncertain: most early 20th-century. Budha is........

Kalki Avatar of Shaligram Weight: 40g
Length:  4cm   Width:3cm

This would be considered as last avatar of lord Vishnu that is yet to come and it will appear the end of the present age (Kali Yug). It is believed that.......

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Many thanks for the timely despatch of the Saligram mala. I think the mala has come on expected lines. We intend offering the mala at the week end. May Lord Narasimha bless you and your family.....

Tanujaji - Its been a long while since I got to see such nice and wonderful Shaligrams, that are displayed on your website. They are truly breath taking and getting them from Gandaki river is not v....

Namaskar. I have got some beautiful shilas from you & I thank you for the same. Your company is doing well in extending good services 7 in bringing good Shalagrama Shilas to the needy. Please keep it....

Respected Madam, The Lakshmi Nrasimha Salagram mala was donated to Sri. the temple about 35 kms from chennai in Feb.10. The mala was fitting the Urchava Moorthy very well and our family had good dhar....

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