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   Matsya Avatar (First Avatar) of Loard Vishnu

     This is the first avatar of Lord Maha VISHNU that is in the form of fish. This incarnations(avatar) has appeared in the Krita Yuga(the first yuga of four yugas.).This incarnation has been taken by loard Vishnu to safely retrieve the Vedas that has been disappeared in the ocean by Asura called Hayagreevan.When Lord Brahma is resting in brahmalogam and Vedas were flowing out from their mouth.
Then an asura named Hayagreevan have stolen the Vedas and disappeared it in ocean, then Lord VISHNU take the incarnations of Matsya to retrieve it from ocean.

This Shila is very auspicious and extremely powerful, it radiates very high energy. As far as its main body is concerned it gives perfect impression of Matsya . The top marking of shila resembles Maha Vishnu and markings at the tail of the Shila resembles Maha Laxmi. The clear marking of Chakra at the back side of the Shila makes this Shila extremely rare and exotic. The resemblance of Vishnu and Maha Laxmi makes the Shila rare and having qualities of all these Gods.

Worshiping this auspicious Shaligram brings immense wealth and worldly comforts. The environment of the beholder's house and workplace becomes pious and all negativity is removed.It provide a peaceful environment . Matsya Shaligrama also provides sixth sense to the worshiper to see the future things happening and also it removes the Vastu Dosha. By worshiping this Shila an issueless woman is blessed with a virtuous son.

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dear sir , Thanks for your wonderful service .i had recieved my shaligram in good manner with gifts . i am happy to recieve from you .since its not easy for us to get ,but you made us ....

Many thanks for the timely despatch of the Saligram mala. I think the mala has come on expected lines. We intend offering the mala at the week end. May Lord Narasimha bless you and your family.....

I have become a repeated customer of you people not only for the genuineness of the products but also for the patience and commitment level from your side... All my 'bestest' wishes are for you.......

I recently perchase a shila from shaligram.co.in and the shila is genuine.I am pritty much happy there assistance and service. But please change the courier service. Worm regards Biswanath ....

Respected Madam, The Lakshmi Nrasimha Salagram mala was donated to Sri. the temple about 35 kms from chennai in Feb.10. The mala was fitting the Urchava Moorthy very well and our family had good dhar....

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