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   Kalki Avatar (Tenth Avatar) of Loard Vishnu

     ´╗┐Kalki is considered as the last avatar of lord Vishnu that is yet to come and it will appear in the end of the present age (Kal Yug). It is believed that when the kings would themselves become thieves then Lord Vishnu would take his tenth incarnation as Kalika.
(Riding on the back of a white horse, with a drawn sword), he will destroy the enemies of Dharma and re-establish superiority of virtuosity and religiousness.

The worshiper of the Kalki Shaligram can foresee future events happening. It is very good for lawyers, police personnel and government officials. It hones their administrative skills and tremendously increases their analytical qualities. The worshiper makes every thing happening in his favor and acquires a very high position and status in the society. He gets immense fame, name and respect.

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Hari om Today I received the saligram as per the order given. Thank you very much.god bless. ....

dear madam, thank you very much for the very good rapport in sending me the 3 shaligram shilas. i will get back to you in a couple of months for more shilas. thanking you, k.sampathku....

I had been enquiring on Shree Shaligram Shilas for quite some time. Nobody been able to guide me with authentic infos so far. Yesterday after speking to you, I believe that I've finally reached the co....

Thank you very much for providing devotes like us with Sri Shaligram. We appreciate your service.....

Tanujaji - Its been a long while since I got to see such nice and wonderful Shaligrams, that are displayed on your website. They are truly breath taking and getting them from Gandaki river is not v....

Ten set of shaligram Shila
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